Renovating or building a new home? A few decorating tips for 2019

Out with the reliable Oak – and in with Oxidised Oak which is going to be very popular. It has a blackened patina that adds depth. The big secret is to not have absolutely every piece of furniture in your particular room in this finish as it will be an overkill. For instance if it is a sitting room have your side tables and coffee table in this finish and have light coloured upholstery to offset the look. Oxidised Oak looks wonderful with brass fittings.

Beautiful dining table – Jacob May – Nomad Collection

Be Bold! Wallpapers have taken over from painted accent walls. 2019 is showing that beautiful flowers and birds have made a big comeback….
Now it’s all about incorporating texture in clean and sleek ways with wallpaper.

A beautiful new comeback is coloured glass light fittings and in fact coloured glass anything as long as it is high quality tasteful and not chintzy cheap.

Flauti Collection – Giopato & Coombes

Coloured kitchen cabinetry – moving away from the Scandi style of whites and light colour timbers to making a statement and forming a mood with high demand colours like black – dark greens – navy blue. Accentuate the look with door fixtures in brass or other contrasting metals, brilliant!

Source: Shop Dora

I will be back with more tips and images soon – keep watching this space!