Renovate? Yes or No

You’re faced with the question of whether to stay where you are or move? It may be your family home where you have strong emotional ties or that you love the location but the existing home no longer meets your needs.

Do I stay or go?

Before you can make the decision to renovate, first ask yourself the question “I have the house, can I change it to make the difference that will achieve the ideal result and is renovation the best financial option”

What are our lifestyle, work and family needs? Will we entertain a lot? Will we want private areas for chilling out?

Renovation is an exciting and challenging time and to ensure it goes smoothly, planning and preparation are the major keys, regardless of whether you decide to prepare and document all the creative details yourself or engage a professional Designer/Decorator to work with you through this very important stage to prepare a “Brief” for your project.

You need “TO DEFINE YOUR LOOK”. The path to being happy with the result is to begin with great ideas, join Pinterest the online social bookmarking tool to collect and store ideas, thumb through magazines and books, search the Internet for inspiration, make a scrapbook of magazine clippings that appeal to you and also paint sample boards in the colours you are considering and look at them under different light levels. Take the time early on to sort out your details and don’t make hasty decisions.

At another time I will talk further on achieving the “WOW” factor in decorating your project.