Mud rooms the big thing in urban homes.

Where once the mud room also known as dirt room, sand room or just a simple cloak room was in old farmhouses to provide practical transition from outside to inside, today they are becoming a popular addition to new homes in urban areas. They certainly save dirt whatever kind from being traipsed through the home. They are a wonderful place to hang your coats, backpacks, bags, scarves, pet leads, sports equipment and store your shoes in shelves and it removes the burden off other storage areas in the home. Sometimes a laundry is built with large dimensions to accommodate additional mud room features. This works brilliantly and perfect for stepping out of your dirty sports clothes or gardening clothes and putting them straight into the dirty washing. If your budget allows, adding a shower is a functional option particularly if the mud room is part of the laundry, a great place also to shower your dog. If the most practical place for you is to have your mud room features in the entryway, this doesn’t have to be a challenge as long as the cabinetry is innovative and suits your home and lifestyle. Sometimes a hallway can be used and even if it is narrow that is perfectly fine too and again utilise the space sensibly and practically.

Here are some things to ponder. When in the design stage of your new home or renovation give thought to how best utilise the space. Bench seating is paramount to sit on and take off your dirty footwear. It needs to be a practical size but of course this is dependent on the space you have available. If possible, a padded seat is a comfortable option with a couple of cushions to lean back on and pretty up the area. Hooks are a necessity so that everyone in your family has a place to hang things up. Storage is essential for items that need to be concealed and preferably one for each member of the family. A mirror is a great way to create the feeling of more space and also check yourself out before rushing out the door. If you do art, crafts or sewing adding a bench in this area is also a great idea and so easy to clean up after you have finished, it beats having to be fussy if you normally do this in some other room of your home that needs to be tidy at all times.