Internal Balustrades For A Winning Staircase.

I would like to chat about the different kinds of balustrade product available that can make a mark in your home dependant on your particular style.

There are two main alternatives for glass balustrade staircases – first a frame-less option and secondly, one that has posts.  Both options have the ability to create visually stunning interior spaces. Glass balustrades maximise natural light, create a great sense of space and give a minimalistic feel to your staircase.The frame-less option is more popular in the contemporary interiors with many choices of base shoes which most definitely support the glass panels. The post option lends itself to mix glass, steel or timber together that is a fabulous blend that imho adds character.

Staircase frameless glass with timber handrail

Depending on the surrounding area of your staircase, timber is still a wonderful choice whether it is a turned or plain balustrade style and either painted or stained. If your home has the traditional look there are many different profiles to choose from in the turned style. For a great mixture of finishes, glass sections with stainless steel posts and a square timber top rail looks very classy.

Traditional staircase painted with stained timber handrail

Stainless Steel Wire Rope:
Horizontal wire rope specifications are determined by safety regulations for very good reason. An alternative is to have the wire ropes vertical which gives a clean, minimal appearance. Either horizontal or vertical are very stylish and your options of timber posts that have a more softened look, or metal posts a more industrial appearance.

Staircase with SS wire rope balustrade






Stainless Steel:
Horizontal balusters look marvellous particularly with a timber handrail. There are of course safety regulations of the distance between each row. Not the most practical solution if you have small children who are likely to climb.






I have only touched on a few basic styles. There is a plethora of alternative more complex styles to select from depending on your likes and of course budget!