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Lutece Spirit Uni Feuille Bleu Wallpaper with Decor Mural Sky Bleu

When you are designing a space there are a huge range of elements and tools to assist you adding texture, pattern, colour, depth and the all-important focal point to form a layered and beautifully designed scheme. When decorating there are many ways to finish your walls, however, wallpaper is the only method singularly that allows you to achieve all the powerful design qualities needed.

Lutece Geopolis Nid D'Abeille XL Bleu

Lutece Geopolis Nid D’Abeille XL Bleu

Wallpaper is the easiest and least expensive way to dramatically transform a space without needing many other elements. Wallpaper is not only beneficial for its attractive appearance but it also adds longevity and durability and can last up to 15 years and beyond if looked after. It adheres easily and smoothly to walls and is brilliant at hiding many surface imperfections that would most likely be noticeable if simply painted.

Letuce Dallage Triangle Anthracite - Industrial Look

Letuce Dallage Triangle Anthracite – Industrial Look

Whether you are defining a feature wall or an entire space the options are limitless. Beautiful designs, intriguing textures and stunning prints have a huge impact on the décor of any room.

Lutece Hexatriangle - Rose

Lutece Hexatriangle – Rose

All of these wallpaper designs are available from in2out design. Message me via my contact page.

Orange the bright and happy decorating colour!

The energetic – attention grabbing colour Orange.

The image below is the beautiful Casamance Edinburgh II “Arthurs Seat” signature wool fabric showing how wonderful bold colours look so brilliant together.







Orange is the colour of loving life and vitality and sparks enthusiastic response and energetic moods within. Orange suggests happy, uplifting and warm feelings within like warm, sunny days.







The colour Orange used in small amounts is a great way to introduce strong hues into your home by brightening up a dull colour scheme. Because it is such a wonderful accent colour you can simply throw around some orange cushions and flowers to a vase to enliven the room. Orange is full of surprises, be bold and play around with it! You will see in my images that orange allows you to present other bold colours and still retain a high contrast scheme.


Internal Balustrades For A Winning Staircase.

I would like to chat about the different kinds of balustrade product available that can make a mark in your home dependant on your particular style.

There are two main alternatives for glass balustrade staircases – first a frame-less option and secondly, one that has posts.  Both options have the ability to create visually stunning interior spaces. Glass balustrades maximise natural light, create a great sense of space and give a minimalistic feel to your staircase.The frame-less option is more popular in the contemporary interiors with many choices of base shoes which most definitely support the glass panels. The post option lends itself to mix glass, steel or timber together that is a fabulous blend that imho adds character.

Staircase frameless glass with timber handrail

Depending on the surrounding area of your staircase, timber is still a wonderful choice whether it is a turned or plain balustrade style and either painted or stained. If your home has the traditional look there are many different profiles to choose from in the turned style. For a great mixture of finishes, glass sections with stainless steel posts and a square timber top rail looks very classy.

Traditional staircase painted with stained timber handrail

Stainless Steel Wire Rope:
Horizontal wire rope specifications are determined by safety regulations for very good reason. An alternative is to have the wire ropes vertical which gives a clean, minimal appearance. Either horizontal or vertical are very stylish and your options of timber posts that have a more softened look, or metal posts a more industrial appearance.

Staircase with SS wire rope balustrade






Stainless Steel:
Horizontal balusters look marvellous particularly with a timber handrail. There are of course safety regulations of the distance between each row. Not the most practical solution if you have small children who are likely to climb.






I have only touched on a few basic styles. There is a plethora of alternative more complex styles to select from depending on your likes and of course budget!




Renovating or building a new home? A few decorating tips for 2019

Out with the reliable Oak – and in with Oxidised Oak which is going to be very popular. It has a blackened patina that adds depth. The big secret is to not have absolutely every piece of furniture in your particular room in this finish as it will be an overkill. For instance if it is a sitting room have your side tables and coffee table in this finish and have light coloured upholstery to offset the look. Oxidised Oak looks wonderful with brass fittings.

Beautiful dining table – Jacob May – Nomad Collection

Be Bold! Wallpapers have taken over from painted accent walls. 2019 is showing that beautiful flowers and birds have made a big comeback….
Now it’s all about incorporating texture in clean and sleek ways with wallpaper.

A beautiful new comeback is coloured glass light fittings and in fact coloured glass anything as long as it is high quality tasteful and not chintzy cheap.

Flauti Collection – Giopato & Coombes

Coloured kitchen cabinetry – moving away from the Scandi style of whites and light colour timbers to making a statement and forming a mood with high demand colours like black – dark greens – navy blue. Accentuate the look with door fixtures in brass or other contrasting metals, brilliant!

Source: Shop Dora

I will be back with more tips and images soon – keep watching this space!

Re-style Your Wall & Accessory Colours to “Living Coral”

Here I am again peeps, banging on about the amazing Pantone colour “Living Coral” I personally feel that it is a tremendously warm and inviting vibe to add to your decor. Paint some walls in your living room and as the image below shows- stunning!

Image courtesy of Good Homes Magazine

If you paint a wall in this stunning colour, accessorise with complimentary coloured items that don’t overpower the room such as gold. Of course depending on your furniture two beautiful accent colours that work wonderfully well with “Living Coral” are Pantone “Desert Sage” and Pantone “Twill” see samples below. Or if you would rather paint your wall say for instance Twill then use “Living Coral” or “Desert Sage as your accents.

I have added a few items below that will work wonderfully well with these combinations of colour. Notice the gorgeous vase of coral tone flowers which adds an instant pop of colour! Rather than having a painted wall, instead use the sensual Baker Lifestyle Ishana Festival wallpaper, this will add another visual layer to your room. Stunning!

Barn Doors “The Perfect Room Divider”

Despite their name, barn doors  add another dimension to your interior and
have entered into modern houses to become popular interior decor pieces. Barn doors make it easier for you to connect various spaces in your home and they are space savers by not swinging open, wonderful in settings where you want to conceal things but still have quick access to. A very obvious place to have one of these is in a tight area where a standard door is not workable, across openings to media rooms. Think beyond the norm and add character, all you need is enough wall space for the door to take up while not in use.

Hume Doors manufacture a range called the Frontier Sliding Barn Door System, the price is cost effective and sits well within most budgets.

Profile FBDS4

The doors come in 2 different construction type:

Premium Hollow Core (the standard size is 2150x1000x35) or Made to Order Min 2150x720x35 – Max 2400x1000x35

Ultimate Solid Infill Core (the standard size is 2150x1000x35 and special sizes are not available) 

See the image below for the 5 great profiles 

Pantone’s New Colour In Town!

Pantone colour of the year for 2019 is the beautiful lively, playful and sociable “Living Coral”.

The peachy orange shade of coral with a golden undertone gives a presence of welcoming warmth.

The Colour Institute stated “the colour was inspired by endangered sea reefs and global political crises”

Living Coral is a wonderful accent colour for soft furnishings, decorating items and gives a stunning warm ambience for a feature wall.

If you are thinking of changing your colours any time soon this is a winner all round!

Mud rooms the big thing in urban homes.

Where once the mud room also known as dirt room, sand room or just a simple cloak room was in old farmhouses to provide practical transition from outside to inside, today they are becoming a popular addition to new homes in urban areas. They certainly save dirt whatever kind from being traipsed through the home. They are a wonderful place to hang your coats, backpacks, bags, scarves, pet leads, sports equipment and store your shoes in shelves and it removes the burden off other storage areas in the home. Sometimes a laundry is built with large dimensions to accommodate additional mud room features. This works brilliantly and perfect for stepping out of your dirty sports clothes or gardening clothes and putting them straight into the dirty washing. If your budget allows, adding a shower is a functional option particularly if the mud room is part of the laundry, a great place also to shower your dog. If the most practical place for you is to have your mud room features in the entryway, this doesn’t have to be a challenge as long as the cabinetry is innovative and suits your home and lifestyle. Sometimes a hallway can be used and even if it is narrow that is perfectly fine too and again utilise the space sensibly and practically.

Here are some things to ponder. When in the design stage of your new home or renovation give thought to how best utilise the space. Bench seating is paramount to sit on and take off your dirty footwear. It needs to be a practical size but of course this is dependent on the space you have available. If possible, a padded seat is a comfortable option with a couple of cushions to lean back on and pretty up the area. Hooks are a necessity so that everyone in your family has a place to hang things up. Storage is essential for items that need to be concealed and preferably one for each member of the family. A mirror is a great way to create the feeling of more space and also check yourself out before rushing out the door. If you do art, crafts or sewing adding a bench in this area is also a great idea and so easy to clean up after you have finished, it beats having to be fussy if you normally do this in some other room of your home that needs to be tidy at all times.



Barn doors are well and truly in vogue!

Lately we have been asked by many clients if we can add a barn door somewhere in their new home that we are designing with our partner company SavvyBuild Solutions.

Despite their name, barn doors can add a contemporary look to your interior and make it easier for you to connect the various spaces in your home. They are space savers by not swinging open and they are wonderful in settings where you want to conceal things but still have quick access to. A very obvious place to have one of these is in a tight area where a standard door is not workable, think beyond the norm and add character. All you need is enough wall space for the door to take up while not in use. There are many different styles and I have chosen two modern images to show how fantastic they can look.

All important laundry room tips

Laundry rooms generally don’t receive enough design attention that they deserve. Your laundry room doesn’t have to be just functional, it can be comfortable, have great working features and be aesthetically appealing as well. Paint your walls interesting colours or add some groovy decals to your tiles to make doing chores much more fun!

We have some tips for you if you are designing a fully functional and fun laundry space:

If you have a large laundry space that you are renovating or you are building new consider having a sensible and traffic smart laundry and mud room combination. You can also add a spare nook which can be filled with a desk and chair to create an office space while you wait for your load to finish.

It is essential to use as much natural light and ventilation as possible with additional practical lighting to give you the best all round result.

Ideally it is more beneficial to have you washing machine and clothes dryer side by side built in to cabinetry. However, placing them on top of each other is a smart space saving solution for small laundry rooms and they can still be completely built in.

Include shelves above or beside the washing machine and dryer to store washing machine detergents, softener and other cleaning products. laundry baskets and hampers should be within easy reach built in to the cabinetry. Pull out narrow drawers are great also with no waste space.
















Consider a custom built cupboard for an ironing board, so that it can easily fold out when you need it, or mount the ironing board directly to the wall or on the back of a door.

A retractable clothesline is a handy addition to dry delicate clothes, a drying rack is also a great addition to hang some clothes if they are still slightly damp or alternatively for hanging freshly pressed shirts.











If you have a pet you can combine your laundry room with a pet shower and an open bed with a comfy cushion concealed under the bench.

Would love to hear back from you with any more tips you have to share!