All important laundry room tips

Laundry rooms generally don’t receive enough design attention that they deserve. Your laundry room doesn’t have to be just functional, it can be comfortable, have great working features and be aesthetically appealing as well. Paint your walls interesting colours or add some groovy decals to your tiles to make doing chores much more fun!

We have some tips for you if you are designing a fully functional and fun laundry space:

If you have a large laundry space that you are renovating or you are building new consider having a sensible and traffic smart laundry and mud room combination. You can also add a spare nook which can be filled with a desk and chair to create an office space while you wait for your load to finish.

It is essential to use as much natural light and ventilation as possible with additional practical lighting to give you the best all round result.

Ideally it is more beneficial to have you washing machine and clothes dryer side by side built in to cabinetry. However, placing them on top of each other is a smart space saving solution for small laundry rooms and they can still be completely built in.

Include shelves above or beside the washing machine and dryer to store washing machine detergents, softener and other cleaning products. laundry baskets and hampers should be within easy reach built in to the cabinetry. Pull out narrow drawers are great also with no waste space.
















Consider a custom built cupboard for an ironing board, so that it can easily fold out when you need it, or mount the ironing board directly to the wall or on the back of a door.

A retractable clothesline is a handy addition to dry delicate clothes, a drying rack is also a great addition to hang some clothes if they are still slightly damp or alternatively for hanging freshly pressed shirts.











If you have a pet you can combine your laundry room with a pet shower and an open bed with a comfy cushion concealed under the bench.

Would love to hear back from you with any more tips you have to share!